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Fairydown & Topdrawer Duvet inners

Silk Sensation Winter 400gsm


Why choose a silk duvet?

* Made from 100% pure silk.

* Silk provides the same warmth as down but breathes and moves moisture away from the skin.

* Lightweight, allowing for warmth without excess weight.

* Hypoallergenic, so is dust mite resistant.

* Allergy-free, the perfect alternative to feather & down.

* Wonderful temperature regulating properties: it adjusts to body temperature and can satisfy two sleepers with different definitions of warm and cozy.

* Conforms to your body position to create even warmth around you without cold spots.

Winter weight 400 g/m2

Summer and winter duvets may be clipped together to form a combination duvet.

Also available:
- Silk Sensation pillow, silk fill weight 1350gsm

New Size Australian Super King: 270cm x 240cm

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