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Mazon Virtali Sleepsets

Mazon 20 Firm

Mazon 20


* Mazon Mattress with Std base.
Base available in 7 Colours

* Contours to body shape to relieve pressure

* Zero roll together, zero partner disturbance

* Removable, washable cover

* Thermo sensititive

* Mazon 20 mattress is 20cm deep

MV200 Support: Firmer Feel Visco Elastic

The MV200 Support is a classic visco elastic firm feel mattress.
It is thermo sensitive, with high density 84kg/m3 visco elastic and boasts zero roll-together, zero partner disturbance characteristics.
Ideal for slat and adjustable bed systems, it has a removable, washable cover and edge to edge sleep surface.

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