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Design Mobel

Replenish Sleepset

Design Mobel Replenish sleep set

Sleep as nature intended. The pure series is a story of natural health, and sustainability.
Crafted in New Zealand with natural, recyclable, and biodegradable materials.

100% organic Cotton.
Is produced without pesticides and chemicals making it the perfect sleeping surface for a healthy night's sleep.

Pure NZ Wool

100% Natural Latex

Supplied as a sleep set or Mattress &Motion comfort bed.

Sleep set Mattress & Base

Motion Base
* Head & foot raise.

* Zero G

Motion Bed available Long Single, King Single, Queen, and Super King
Queen is fixed
Super King is Spit (2 long singles)

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Qty Single, King Single Sleep set ($3900.00)
Qty Single, King Mattress & motion bed ($3599.00)
Qty Queen Sleepset ($4299.00)
Qty Queen mattress & Motion bed ($5250.00)
Qty King sleep set ($5500.00)
Qty King motion bed not available
Qty Super King sleep set ($5399.00)
Qty Super King mattress & Motion bed ($8998.00)
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