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Cotton and Polycotton Sheets

Logan & Mason 400 TC Cotton Sheet Sets

400TC 100% Cotton

Logan & Mason plain dyed 400 thread count cotton sheets are created from 100% natural breathable cotton and woven with a sateen structure which makes them extremely soft to touch with a silky, lustrous look. Featuring cuffing and piping, 40cm, 50cm and 60cm deep fitted walls.
Standard Sheets have 40cm drop.

NZ Stocked sheet sizes:
Single, King Single, Double, Queen, and Super King
Available in all colours.

The following specialist sizes only are available:
Vanilla, Pewter, Linen, White, Granite.

Double Mega, Queen Mega, Queen Deluxe ,King, King Deluxe, Super King Mega, Super King Deluxe, California King Mega, California King Deluxe.

Limited stock is carried in NZ and if not available ex-stock the order will be supplied with the next shipment: 4 weeks approx. It is advisable to email info@whitwell.co.nz for a confirmation of availability.

Colours shown are representative and should be taken as a guide only.

Fitted sheets to fit even the deepest of mattress
Standard = 40cm
Mega = 50cm
Deluxe =60cm

Free deliver on orders over $100

Size Sheet type Length Width Drop Colours Price
Single Flat 180cm 254cm
Sheetset Fitted 91cm 193cm 40cm Allcolours $120
KingSingle Flat 200cm 274cm
SheetSet Fitted 107cm 203cm 40cm Allcolours $140
Double Flat 228cm 254cm
Sheetset Fitted 137cm 193cm 40cm Allcolours $160
Double Mega Flat 228cm 254cm
Sheet set Fitted 137cm 193cm 50cm 5 colours $199
Queen Flat 245cm 274cm
Sheetset Fitted 152cm 203cm 40cm Allcolours $190
Queen Mega Flat 260cm 274cm
Sheet Set Fitted 152cm 203cm 50cm 5 colours $210
Queen Deluxe Flat 330cm 300cm
Sheetset Fitted 152cm 203cm 60cm 5 colours $260
King Flat 260cm 274cm
Sheetset Fitted 168cm 203cm 40cm 5 colours $210
King Deluxe Flat 330cm 300cm
Sheet set Fitted 168cm 203cm 60cm 5 colours $230
SuperKing Flat 260cm 274cm
Sheetset Fitted 182cm 203cm 40cm Allcolours $210
SuperKing Mega Flat 330cm 300cm
Sheet set Fitted 182cm 203cm 50cm 5 colours $250
SuperKing Deluxe Flat 330cm 300cm
Sheetset Fitted 182cm 203cm 60cm 5colours $280
CaliforniaKing Mega Flat 330cm 300cm
Sheetset Fitted 204cm 204cm 50cm 5colours $310
California Deluxe Flat 330cm 300cm
Sheet set Fitted 204cm 204cm 60cm 5colours $350
Standard Pillow case 48cm 74cm $24
King Pillow case 50cm 90cm $30
European Pillow case 65cm 65cm 30

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Qty Super King ($210.00)
Qty Super King Mega ($250.00)
Qty Super King Deluxe ($280.00)
Qty California King Mega ($310.00)
Qty California King Deluxe ($350.00)
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